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Posted on November 12th, 2009 by Stephanie
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Ohmigosh! That rack is straight out of a fantasy. I can only hope such racks appear out here in the wilderness someday.

Any suggestions for those of us who buy on line due to lack of stock in the wild?

Perhaps you could supply Exaclair with the name of a local shop that you could envision carrying all that Orange? :o)

Already did via email. Living in hope…

By Fountain Pen in French on November 18th, 2009 at 11:51 pm

My local Super Target (Huntsville, AL) doesn’t carry Rhodia.

Every time I go, I check their stationery area and… no Rhodia.

This is a town which has 3 colleges, a big Army Base, NASA and all kind of engineers and smart people who love great paper, especially gridded letter and junior size writing pads. :)

I get mine from Fully Booked here in Philippines! :)

I exited the city into the outerlands of suburbia to a Target (no Target in New Orleans). While picking up some school supplies for a child I noticed some Rhodia notebooks, ON SALE! $7.99 to $5.58 (No. 18)

By Kelly Boler on April 19th, 2010 at 2:38 am

I live in the Uk, and am lucky enough to visit France two or three times a year, where I stock waaayyy up at the Coop or Carrefour. The notebooks are so cheap and the selection of sizes is great. At this point I am pretty much hoarding…and I am off again in May.

Target? No, thanks. I was initially thrilled when I was visiting my son in NC and he told me that they were available there, but I checked and – $10.00 for one notebook that I can buy for the equivalent of $3.00 in France??? I won’t do it.

I live in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and I have yet to find a store that carries Rhodia. We have one of the largest bookstores in Canada McNalley Robinson which handles a ton of notebooks, journals and pads but no Rhodia. I tried to get them to look into stocking them but it’s turning into a Moleskinerie instead. Someone please try and get them to carry your product. I want some decent paper for my fountain pens. WE also have 2 large Universities that haven’t got a clue what they are missing out.

By Don Goerig on August 6th, 2010 at 11:29 pm

There is no doubt Rhodia does NOT have a good presence here in Colorado at least. Molesine is dominate but we want Rhodia here! You cannot get them at Target or even Borders! The local art stores have a small hidden stand but you are lucky to find to fully stocked. I love Rhodia products, I wish they were easier to get.

The Container Store in White Plains, NY carries popular Rhodia sizes. But I haven’t found a store with a display like that huge shelf!

There is a cosy bookshop (librairie Papillon) in Ulaan Baatar, yes you read well : Ulaan Baatar, Republic of Mongolia. The complete Rhodia collection is available here. I could not believe my eyes. Even in Japan I never saw such a choice in one time and in one place. Even the sales girls are wearing Rhodia T-shirt black and orange (unfortunatly not for sale).

Targets in Florida have Rhodia pads… but they’re eye-wateringly expensive. A Reverse Book would have set me back $10.19, no wonder they went on clearance so fast.

The bad news: the only one left selling them is next to the local college. The good news: I bought out the other Targets in the region. Said reverse book was a couple bucks on clearance, and the A4 staple-bound notebooks were a buck and change, so I’ve got a bit of a stock now.

By Lyndon Edwards on January 26th, 2011 at 3:00 am

For the last month we’ve had Exaclair in UK. Based on the friendly US site I really expected to place an order. Alas, only a site full of corporate BS where you even have to register for a password before you can enter the shop [and be prepared to wait DAYS for them to email the magic word to you] What prospects for UK retailers then? Guess I’ll hop on the ferry from Dover for a day trip to Calais Carrefour. What a lost opportunity for a big UK relaunch.

By Lyndon Edwards on January 26th, 2011 at 3:21 am

Sorry Steph … missed out the last three keystrokes on my email address

I’m a little confused… Exaclair is the US distributor… the US website is for retailers – not consumers. Are you a (prospective) retailer?

By Lyndon Edwards on January 26th, 2011 at 3:29 pm

Hello Stephanie, sorry to have confused you. I am not a dealer, just a very enthusiastic retail customer and avid reader of Rhodia Drive. Given all the good stuff you have ‘over there’and the very low profile that the company maintains in UK, I was DELIGHTED to read on the internet that Exaclair is here now. Seems it used to be a company called Tollit & Harvey who make a whole range of stationery items. To see what I mean about their site, check out http://www.exaclairshop.co.uk but beware, it is as user friendly as a cornered rat. Oh well, I have a pair of webbies ‘in stock’ to keep me going but, unless these clown get their British act together I can see Moleskine sales soaring … as for Quo Vadis brand coverage, let’s not even think about it. Sorry to be such a misery Steph, it is disappointment rather than anger. Stay well and keep happy. Lyndon

Ah…. I see. I didn’t know about Exaclair in the UK. You know, you could always order from a US retailer that ships internationally…. :o)

By Lyndon Edwards on January 26th, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Thanks, but have you seen the prices of international shipping fees!

You are taking to a girl that buys her colored pencils from Thailand. :o)

We sell almost all of Rhodia note books. We ship all over the world. The Aussie love Rhodia notebooks. Some people come to UC Berkeley for a conference and come to our store to stock up on notebooks. Give us a try!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately we only had one Target store in town that stocked Rhodia (the small pocket sized stapled notebooks and the Reverse book.) I was looking for them yesterday and found four Reverse books in the clearance section marked down to 2.50 each. I was torn, wanting to buy all four, but couldn’t find a use for them. I already get free spiral bound engineering graph paper from work. Oh well, maybe next week they’ll be 1.25 each.

By FluufyCloud on December 5th, 2011 at 2:03 pm

RE UK stockists & Lyndon Edwards and Stephanie

Exaclair UK are part of the Exacompta Clairefontaine Group and only supply geninue retail/trade accounts not the general public. Hence why you cannot buy from the webshop it is only for trade customers.
If you would like to know stockists of Rhodia products in the UK why not e-mail sales@exaclair.co.uk?

Wow. a display straight out of my dreams. I live in West Palm Beach, Florida and there is NO place that I can buy Rhodia – Target doesn’t carry Rhodia here. I am desolate! I love real displays like that, as seen in Manhattan my old hometown. I go crazy – I love Rodia, in any shape or size – I am a notebook groupie. I am dying to have a Webbie in Orange but hate having to pay shipping – that means I can only get one not TWO or THREE,
signed, :(

Paula, you’ve got sunshine, we’ve got snow. Seems nowhere is perfect all the time. Maybe if you said pretty please to some of the other commentators here on rhodia drive they could get your books for you where they live and ship them to you for less than the retailers charge? Just a thought. Stay writing!

Hi Col, yes it’s true nothing is perfect – probably a good thing too. I just received my first orange Webbie and am gaga over it. I ordered it on line. I hate to pay shipping, but love Rhodia more.
I’d love to ask “Chrontius” at which Targets in Florida she finds Rhodia.
p.s. Can you help with those loations perhaps?

Wait! TARGET has Rhodia? Imma gonna take a look, but I’m dubious because I just went to one of the highest rated stationery stores in Greater Cleveland just yesterday (no really!) who were listed by you as a stockist. But no, and it sounded like they had no plans to restock either. But if Target doesn’t have it, then it’s at least a half hour drive for me to get to a vendor. (However, you have a competitor with less suitable paper for fountain pens seems to be not that hard to find. I think you could do better.)


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