» What if you could buy every available Rhodia product through Amazon?

We recently received a comment from a fan who said: “it would be great if you would sell your full product line on Amazon!  that would make it much easier for people to find and order your notebooks, and would allow companies that use amazon for corporate purchasing to have an easy way to get all things Rhodia!”

Would you be interested in being able to buy any Rhodia product through Amazon.com? Do you regularly shop with Amazon?

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Posted on November 16th, 2012 by Stephanie
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By Emilio Villegas on November 16th, 2012 at 5:26 am

It would be great! No just amazon.com but amazon.de (Germany). It has been very hard for me to find any Rhodia Product even here in Germany! Shipping cost from other countries are too high for me now (I’m a student)

Absolutely. I’d still support small pen stores (both brick and mortar and Webfronts), but if I wanted to get some small notepads or whatnot as a gift, especially for the more inexpensive items, the free Amazon Prime 2-day shipping would make it worth it to get it when I wanted, not just when I was ready to make an order big enough to justify shipping costs.

I buy so much stuff from Amazon that I wish I owned Amazon stock. I do realize some people put them in the same category as Walmart in terms of big-box corporation.

That being said, I’ve heard that they drive a hard deal with merchants and it’s a unilateral one – they’re so big it’s a “take it or leave it” proposition. If I recall correctly, Brian Goulet looked at it and stepped away from it; if you were thinking of doing it directly you might want to chat with him.

Yes, please. We buy nearly everything but groceries on Amazon. Would be even more interested if shipping was free. We’re so spoiled by Amazon that we won’t shop from any website that charges shipping.

That said, Jetpens.com is just fine, too!

Please do not do this! Amazon will drive prices so low that your small B&M and online retailers will not be able to compete. That’s what they do, that’s how their entire marketing model is based – whoever has the lowest prices gets priority listing. I’ve seen it happen to other brands in our industry, and to other industries as a whole. It has put other retailers out of business because they aren’t able to make enough money to survive on such slim margins. For us personally, we have had to drop several product lines because we can’t compete with Amazon’s near-wholesale pricing (and the distributor/manufacturer’s lack of pricing enforcement) and free shipping. I don’t want to see the brand value of Rhodia be driven down by price undercutting. It is a game that we refuse to play.

My biggest issue is with the relationship they have with merchants trying to sell their products on Amazon… we spent a lot of time talking with them and learning about all of the fine print, and it is not a good deal for the merchant. The cut they get of every sale is insane, plus all the many fees, and I honestly believe that their end goal is always to cut the small retailer out. They use folks like us to do all their market research, find out what people buy and where from, and then cut out the merchant to buy the products from the manufacturer and ship directly. You can talk to us more offline if you’d like about our experience.

I’m not saying it’s not a good deal for the customer – you can usually find the cheapest prices and cheapest shipping (and now they’re moving towards same-day delivery!). We do shop on Amazon occasionally ourselves. But it’s a short-term win and I try to avoid it. I prefer to support small businesses when I can, because I know how hard work it is. I just don’t think Amazon serves our industry well in the long term and the unfair price wars could seriously hurt your retailers.

Well, that would certainly make my wish lists easier… (Wife: “Everything on your list is orange!” Me: “EXACTLY”)

I’m already shopping on amazon.it for two Two products I can here in Italy…
So I think it’s GREAT idea

With two assumptions being true I’d load up!

1. Shipped free like their books.

2. I could tell what version I was buying (i.e. 3.0 v. 2.0)

So, long story short, Yes.

Yes. Prime and Subscribe-and-Save are great programs. It would also be great if you carried the full European product range.

I’d rather buy mine from my local stationery shop or Jetpens, but I can see why this would be an attractive way to buy them.

I am an Amazon prime customer. I love Amazon. But I buy my books from an indie retailer and I’ll buy my Rhodia from my online dealer because that matters to me.

My online retailer will suffer business loss because many customers have said that they go to Amazon first. (I’ve had this conversation with him). Maybe he’ll have to sell through Amazon Marketplace just to get eyeballs on him.

With that being said, I don’t see a drawback to Rhodia being in Amazon. It is essentially another online retailer for your business channel. And, if you can keep your pricing competitive with the % that Amazon receives to do business with them, go for it.

Indeed! As a Prime member free shipping and the easy one click it would be great!

YES! When I can’t find Rhodia locally, I usually buy them from my favorite online pen store, but if I just want a couple of pads and don’t have anything else to order, the shipping is too much. If I could order just a few pads and get them via Prime that would be awesome!

Six months ago I would have jumped up and down at the prospect. I used to think Amazon the greatest thing since sliced bread. But packages from Amazon aren’t nearly as satisfying when you don’t get a personalized note on your invoice. Hence, I satisfy most of my pens, paper, and ink habit with packages from the Great Goulet Pen Company (no affiliation, just an extremely happy customer!).

Unless Amazon were to discount all Rhodia products by 50% or more, I will contine to purchase my Webbies from the GGPC.

By Marianne Richmond on November 16th, 2012 at 1:24 pm

It would be great to have the entire line available at Amazon…and Jet Pens and Goulet Pens!

I shop on Amazon quite a bit so I would love the option of purchasing Rhodia products from them as well.

I love Amazon, and I already buy most of my Rhodia stuff there. It would be great though to have them all available under one seller so that you don’t have separate shipping charges for each varied item. To be able to get a couple of N 16’s and a reverse book a buyer would be eligible for Super Saver shipping free, with the $25 or more order. I personally think it would be great.
There are also companies like JetPens that sell through Amazon and offer free shipping regardless of the amount you spend. The problem is you have to cherry pick all of your items.
I think it would be a great thing.

There are 4 different stores in Kansas City that sell Rhodia Products. They all carry the basics and they all have a different selection. Also, they never get the new stuff. So yes, I would purchase Rhodia items on Amazon

Would love it. I use Amazon a lot…

A smart move for sure. I too buy almost everything via Amazon. Living so far from anyplace that sells anything has it’s downside.

I’m a Prime member, so small one-off purchases would be easier.

That being said, I prefer to wait for Brian Goulet and put put together bulk orders. The service more than makes up for the slightly higher prices on some things.

Perhaps to coordinate items that are not cost effective for the small sellers to carry?

By Marcia Straatmeyer on November 16th, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Absolutely. There are no stationery stores within miles of where I live.

Holy smokes, yes!

Yes, I buy lots of stuff from Amazon. Yes, it would be handy if Rhodia products were available there.

Would we be able to use AMEX points to purchase? I charge a lot of stuff on AMEX and have alot of points to use at Amazon.
How about free shipping above $25?

That would be great! Amazon is my main shopping site

By Jonathan Probber on November 16th, 2012 at 10:28 pm

Yes, and yes.

By Aileen Muir on November 17th, 2012 at 6:05 am

I do shop with amazon a lot (co.uk) but I like to be able to look at stationery, feel the paper etc. I’d hate small stationery stores to lose out here. So while the immediate answer seems like yes I will put my X in the no box

By david bogie on November 17th, 2012 at 3:49 pm

I’m indifferent but it’s inevitable, apparently.
I despise Amazon’s model but it’s the wave the future, for now. Something else will come along soon. 3D printing on demand, perhaps, take out the whole middle market. Then we’d be buying our 3D inks from Amazon.

Yes of course, I often buy from Amazon and have done so for many, many years. If your complete product palette would be available there – a one-stop-shop – that would be great. How often do I look online for things, and there is never just one shop that has everything I would like. So, yeah that would be cool. :)

My initial reaction is an excited “Heck yeah! Especially with Amazon Prime!”

BUT…wait a minute. When I think it through, there are online small retailers that I want to stick around and who offer respectable discounts on Rhodia in quantity. The three that spring to mind are Goulet Pens, ISellPens, and JetPens, and I’m sure there are many others.

Rhodia is a high-end brand that is well served by Exaclair’s network of online retailers who exhibit a tremendous service ethic, particularly the ability to pack and ship luxury products effectively. Amazon, not so much. When I ordered Iroshizuku ink from Amazon, the box arrived crunched, with no packing material at all, and I’m lucky the bottle did not break. That’s no bargain. I do NOT want my Rhodia pads to arrived with crunched corners and bent pages. That’s no bargain, either.

By Fountain Pen in French on November 18th, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Rhodia is a premium brand, it would be smarter to extend the network of retailers and e-tailers,

Retailers in University towns, worldwide should carry Rhodia and Clairefontaine.
Art supplies shops as well.

Independant online retailers of office products, fountain pens, school and art supplies should also be contacted.

We need to support our local economies and your local merchants.

Big Box retailers and e-tailers are only looking for the bottom line and ultimately will only sell bottom feeding stuff.

Why sell green brand Rhodia when a 99 cents notebook can be sold in its place?

The bottom feeders do not care if it was produced with indentured servant “wages” in a manner that harms the environment.

We, true Rhodia’s customers, care about the way this product is produced and distributed.

Perhaps via Book Depository who offer world wide free shipping for international customers?

Absolutely! Amazon.co.uk pleeze! My first stop is always local stores but too often they don’t have what I seek. That’s why Amazon has grown so far so fast.

Count me in.
Especially if I can find those top-wirebound dotpads.

Sure. Sounds like a great big slap in the face to all of the retailers who’ve busted their humps to make your product well known. I’m sure it’d be just a wonderful thing to do for all those little mom-and-pop businesses with a true passion for your product. And, while you’re at it, make sure you bend over backwards and give Amazon betters deals on your products than you do local retailers. That’d be really sweet.

I don’t think it would be a very good idea even though I’m one of those people who would probably benefit most (rural town far from big cities/retailers). Amazon’s business model undercuts many of the local mom and pop retail businesses. And, the fees for retailers are steep from what I know. Even though the selection at my local store is limited, I tend to at least ask them if they can special order something before returning to Amazon. I’m nervous about their long term strategies in regards to choice and selection.

Oh yes! Amazon would be a great place! I shop there at least once a month.


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