The Creative Retreat

Stephanie Smith Rhythm Renewal

Have you ever considered taking a creative retreat? I’ve been going to one in central Pennsylvania for the last seven years that includes a variety of expressive options such as hand drumming, African dance, writing, and mandala making. (Guess who teaches that class.) People of all skill levels have the opportunity to try new things in a safe environment- and speaking from experience, it can be life changing to do something you always wanted to with 100 people cheering you on.

8 Retreats to Spark Your Creativity

Gentian’s Calligraphy, Pelikan Pen and Rouge Opera Ink


It is such a treat to see Gentian Osman’s art and calligraphy and we always appreciate her using our dotPads and Herbin inks in her creations.

You should look at her pictures on Flickr, then check out her blog Drawing with a Squirrel. After that, read this brief artist highlight about her at JetPens and if you want, you can also check out her Pins on Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Gentian Osman –  gentian_o on Instagram

Crok Book Winners!


These are our 20 winners from our Clairefontaine Crok Book giveaway – did you win? Stay tuned for more Summer Giveaways – including my SPECIAL Anniversary Contest here on Rhodia Drive!

Caitlin Livingston
Jennie S. from Sunderland
Michele S. from Ridgefield Park
StanF from Toronto
Johnny Gamber
Sarah LG.
C Tyler From Beaverton
Sarah from Chicago
Elliot M. from Herndon
Karan A. from Buffalo Grove
Gordon Huang
JoniB from Phoenix
Rhonda Pena
Melissa K. from Tulsa
Seth Barber

Art Making is Accessible to Everyone

Stephanie Smith Mandala

If I may, if like to share a little something with you about art that might make it more accessible to you. Children are able to create art without fear. Put any variety of art supplies in front of the average child and they will have a blast. Put those same supplies in front of the average adult and your likely to hear something like, “No thank you, I don’t draw because I’m not an artist.”

Here’s a few things that might help you warm up to the idea of making art. Continue Readering »

Encre et Chocolat: Ink and Chocolate Art in Montreal!



From our friend Lorna Mulligan: ENCRE ET CHOCOLAT is an exhibition of contemporary calligraphic work by Les Calmars of Montreal. This is their fifth exhibition together and features a theme close to every writer’s heart… the exchanges that happen around pots of ink and the sharing of chocolate! Lorna’s piece shown above, entitled Goûte le passé is an exploration of Proust’s text, using Herbin inks and gouache on paper.







Did someone say chocolate? Rhodiarama Webbie shown in Chocolate. 

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Oh, and then this happened…

 Image above of a Rhodiarama Webbie and a Nikon D5000 courtesy of Courtney Oliver, (designwinesunshine on Instagram) who also happens to design for one of our retailers – European Paper Company 

By Special Request: A Tour Around Stephanie’s Art Studio

Stephanie Smith Art Studio

I was talking with Karen Doherty last week when she asked if I’d post a 360 degree view of my studio to the blog and I said, “Sure, why not.”

I’m guessing that many of you know that aside from Rhodia Drive, I’m also the author of Spiritual Evolution of the Bean – a blog that started with me writing review after review of various art and writing supplies. A lot of people (especially those in the fountain pen realm) on the web know me by Biffybeans rather than by Stephanie Smith, but I am one in the same.  Continue Readering »

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Pen and Pencil Cases

Rhodia Pencil Case

I own several pencil cases but struggle to use any of them because I hate having to choose what to put in it. It’s like having to pick which child gets to go to Disneyworld and which has to stay home.

If you carry a pencil/pen case, do you pretty much always keep the same things in it, or do you like to change things up now and again? Oh, and have you seen the Rhodia pencil cases?

• Flat pencil case
• Made of genuine soft black leather
• Embossed logo
• Metallic Rhodia zipper
• Fits 8 to 10 pens

Blogroll Housekeeping and Looking for New Links

Here on Rhodia Drive, we maintain a blogroll consisting of sites dedicated to paper, pens, pencils, ink, art, art journaling, and writing. It’s about that time of year when I check to make sure all of the current links are still functional and also when I start looking for cool new links.

If you have or know of an awesome blog you think we should consider adding to our blogroll, leave the link down in the comment section and I will be happy to take a look. I can’t guarantee we will be able to use each and every submission, but please know that we are always looking for relevant sites with quality content. Reciprocal linkage is always appreciated.

Oh, and please let me know if you regularly peruse our existing blogroll links.

Tell Me a Few of Your Favorite Things

At the end of each year, I like to compile lists of my favorite things which I aim to publish on my personal blog. The one most people seem to like, is of my favorite art & writing supplies. (My lists from 2010, and 2009While I am still working on my lists for 2012, I’d be happy to share with you a few of the Exaclair items sure to make the cut. Continue Readering »

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Image courtesy of Adelle Ang. Follow crabbyphatty on Instagram.

Art Journaling in a Rhodia Reverse Book

What is art journaling? It is a simple combination of art and writing in the same book. There are no rules except for those that you set yourself. “Art journaling has a long-standing artistic tradition. Artists through the centuries have kept notebooks in which they sketched, practiced, experimented, and recorded themselves.” via Dina Wakley. Continue Readering »

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Image courtesy of jadedlotus on Instagram


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