Friday Link Share: May Edition


The Pen of Maya Angelou at Palimpsest

Ink Review: J. Herbin Vert Olive at A Penchant for Paper

Autopoint Interview at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils

The 2014 Chicago Pen Show Report at Fountain Pen Geeks

You Win, Pilot Metropolitan at The Pen Addict

So I picked up a broad……..nib. at From the Pen Cup

J. Herbin Lie de Thé Ink Review at Write to Me Often

271 Year Old Manuscript Colours and Penmanship at Pentamento

Evolution of the Pencil at Pencil Revolution

How to Get Ink Off Your Fingers – Amodex or Mr. Clean at Office Supply Geek

20 Common Words You Could Be Using Incorrectly at

This Is Why Everyone Should Write Poetry at Thought Catalog

The British Library Puts Online 1,200 Literary Treasures From Great Romantic & Victorian Writers at Open Culture

Elizabeth Gilbert: How to Find Your Creative Home at 99U

Journals from Yellowstone. ~ Jill Pendergrast at Elephant Journal

Image courtesy of  augustanissss on Instagram

Final Link Share of 2013


Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!
Many thanks for all of your feedback, comments and suggestions throughout the year.

The Creative Experiments Challenge at daisy yellow blog

How to Improve Your Writing Skills at Writing Forward

365 Quotes to Inspire You in 2014 at

Wattpad at Quo Vadis Blog

The Pen Addict Podcast: Episode 87 – Putting A Pen Out To Pasture

Last Minute Art Journaling Thoughts at iHanna’s Blog

Our 2013 Doodle, Draw and Illustration Year in Review at Doodlers Anonymous

Fountain Pen Experts And Their Favorite Pens at An Inkophile’s Blog

Link Love: Top 10 List Roundup at The Well-Appointed Desk

Nearly never without a Rhodia at Pentamento

How to Buy A Pen That Will Last Forever at Pentorium

Top 10 of 2013 at A Penchant for Paper

Annual 2013 Top Ten List of Popular Reviews at Office Supply Geek

Rhodia Wirebound Business Notebook Review at Write to Me Often

Back to Journaling Basics at Writing Through Life

30 Ideas For Your 2014 Bucket List at Abundance Blog

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins Go Through Customs and Sign Immigration Form After the First Moon Landing at Open Culture

Overcoming Writer’s Block at The Passive Voice

Review- Four J Herbin Fountain Pen Inks at Life Imitates Doodles

Seeing the Big Picture: When Paper is Better Than Digital at A Penchant for Paper

Faber Castell Albrecht Durer/Caran D’Ache Supracolor/Caran D’Ache Museum Aquarelle Comparison chart at Lung Sketching Scrolls

Pencil Paraphernalia and a Pretty Pencil Pin Pendant at Bleistift

Prophetic Name For a Stationery Store: “Horder’s” at Contrapuntalism

More Pencil Sculptures at Pencil Revolution

Make Your Own Leather Notebook Cover at Notebook Stories

Journaling Exercise: Your Journaling Habit at Kaizen Journaling

Ink Sample Scribbles at Gourmet Pens

Breathing new life into an old bullet pencil at Woodclinched

Image above courtesy of panpan904 on Instagram


Friday Link Share: April Edition


What’s the difference between a Signo and a Signo Bit? at The Well-Appointed Desk

13 Ways to Manage Your (Hectic) Schedule And Stay On Task at Under 30 CEO

Einstein’s Demands at Lists of Note

Ink containers in pencil at Drawing With a Squirrel

Organize Tasks by Effort to Budget Time Better at Lifehacker

Art Journal Every Day: A New Junque Journal at Balzer Designs Handmade Art

The Digital Public Library of America Launches Today, Opening Up Knowledge for All at Open Culture

Scheduling free time at Quo Vadis Blog

Now Might Be The Time To Try A Calligraphy Nib at Inkophile

How Do You Raise Creative Kids? at Art Therapy Reflections

Masking tape book at Mescrap Studio

7 “Rituals” for Spring Renewal at Psychology Today

‘Sh*t Rough Drafts’ Tumblr Imagines Terrible First Versions of Famous Novels at Mashable

Hobo Signs and Traveling at Pencil Revolution

I Get Email: The Roll-kuli by Rotring at The Pen Addict

I Am Thinking Ahead to Summer at Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Journal Writing: Get Uncomfortable to Expand Your Comfort Zone at Create Write Now

Nite Ize Inka Pen Review at Office Supply Geek

Eberhard Faber Factory in New York, 1903 at Contrapuntilism

Cut + Paste Therapy at Daisy Yellow

Old Art Journals Rediscovered: Palimpsest Journal at A Penchant for Paper

Ink Review: Noodler’s Bulletproof Black at Pentorium

Tiny Verses on Envelopes: The Handwritten Poems of Famous Authors at The Atlantic

Sula Jane and Earl Leather Pen Cases at Ink Nouveau

10 Characteristics of Really Interesting People at Inc.

Image courtesy of retnoir – Rhodia spotted at the University of Melbourne

Blogroll Housekeeping and Looking for New Links

Here on Rhodia Drive, we maintain a blogroll consisting of sites dedicated to paper, pens, pencils, ink, art, art journaling, and writing. It’s about that time of year when I check to make sure all of the current links are still functional and also when I start looking for cool new links.

If you have or know of an awesome blog you think we should consider adding to our blogroll, leave the link down in the comment section and I will be happy to take a look. I can’t guarantee we will be able to use each and every submission, but please know that we are always looking for relevant sites with quality content. Reciprocal linkage is always appreciated.

Oh, and please let me know if you regularly peruse our existing blogroll links.

Petunia and new ideas for another Rhodia Swap

This would be Petunia, as drawn by Trillium – one of the members of our Rhodia Journal Swap. The swap consists of 12 members all over the US creating content in a Rhodia Webnotebook and then mailing the books once a month to the next person in the swap.

The members are posting images of their progress on a group Tumblr blog which can be viewed here.

We are considering implementing a second swap this fall and are looking for ideas for a new exchange. One I have been kicking around would have several groups of two creating content in one half of  a 48 page 6×8″ side stapled cahier style book.

Any other suggestions? Would you be interested in participating in such a swap?

Friday Link Share!

How to Play and Pretend Your Way to Breakthrough Writing Ideas at Writing Forward

Viarco soft carbon pencils at Pencil Talk

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived at The Oatmeal

Eversharp Dollar Mechanical Pencil Review at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils

Wolff’s Royal Sovereign Blue Solid Ink Pencils British Made on Etsy

Mobile Library of Artists’ Sketchbooks Rolls Into Echo Park at (Check out my sketchbook – I’m in this!)

How to Shade Pencil Drawings By Miranda Aschenbrenner at Art Instruction Blog

Bookmark Doodles at Doodlers Anonymous

Do Typos Matter? at

The Perfection of the Paper Clip at

If You Want to Actually Finish the Tasks on Your To-Do List, Include Why You Should Do Them [Getting Things Done] at Lifehacker

Mustang Sally at Sharpie Blog

The Legend of the Blackwing at JetPens Blog

Koh-I-Noor Rapidosketch at Drawing with a Squirrel

FP101- Storing Fountain Pens at Ink Nouveau

May Carnival of Pen Pencil and Paper at Whatever

Planned Discoveries for Creative Kids at daisy yellow

Midori Brass Bullet Pencil Holder Review at The Pen Addict

Developing a Daily Writing Habit at A Penchant for Paper

Ice Cream As Private Property at Amateur Economist

Is the Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil really perfect? at The Well-Appointed Desk

Faber Castell TK-Fine Vario L 0.3/0.35 mm Mechanical Pencil at Lung Sketching Scrolls

A Fashion Designer’s Notebooks at Notebook Stories

Open Secret: The Ghost Town of New York City at WebUrbanist

A Weeks Worth of Journaling Prompts: Breaking Through to the Other Side at Writing Through Life

72 of the Best Success Quotes at Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online

Indelible Pencil Comparison, Short Version. at Pencil Revolution

A Week’s Worth of Journaling Prompts: The Importance of Little Things at Writing Through Life

Image courtesy of Archerfior Art

Friday Link Share

7 Ways to Turn Your Journal from Whiny to Empowering at Kaizen Journaling

Julie’s Gadget Diary 04-18-12 at The Gadgeteer

12 Ways to Attack Any Challenge at Inc.

Up and Down at Flickr Blog

Courage and Creating at Creativity for Life

7 Tips For Increasing Your Writing Productivity at Business 2 Community

20 Ways to Kill Your Writer’s Block Forever at Lifehack

Getting messy at nordljus

Travel Week: Flying With Fountain Pens (and other options) at The Well-Appointed Desk

My Collection at Plannerisms

How Cartoons Can Jolt You Into Being Creative
at Thoughts on Theater

What exactly happens when you send a letter to the L.W.A. P.O. Box at Missive Maven

Altered Book: Things I Collect at Daisy Yellow

graphite archive at La Vie Graphite

Note: Journal Addict has become Kaizen Journaling

Image up top courtesy of Bonnie Jean Woogler. It shows off her new favorite pen from Chance Pens.

Follow our Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr

We’ve got 12 people from all over the US writing, drawing, and creating collages dedicated to their “Favorite Things” in our first ever Rhodia Journal Swap. The dozen members of this project are all working in large Rhodia dotWebbies and are documenting their creations on the group Tumblr blog that we set up for the swappers. Each person is working on several pages in each book before sending it on to the next person. Continue Readering »

Friday Link Share

Five things I learned in Creative Writing Class at Writing Forward

Tohkin Pencil Holder at Pencil Talk

Fisher Space Pen Review at Field Notes and another at Quo Vadis Blog

Modern budget fountain pens at The Well Appointed Desk

Ink Formula Modifications And Consumers, An Unhappy Mix at Inkophile Continue Readering »

A Big Welcome to our 1st Ever Official Journal Swap Participants!

While I’m still fiddling a bit with the theme and layout of the new Rhodia Journal Swap Tumblr blog – I’d like to introduce you to the 12 participants from out 1st ever Rhodia Journal Swap. (Click their links to visit their blogs/websites.) If you signed up but weren’t selected – hang tight! We are considering the addition of a second swap 6 months or so into the 1st swap.

Sandra Strait
Tammy Garcia
Pamela Fishkin Hero
Joy Rothke
Shane Couch
Kate Marshall
Seth @ Good Pens
Gretchen Boothe Hamilton
Kristina Day Osgood
Julie (O-kami)

Time is running out! Call for Entries for the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap: “Favorite Things”

Last call! Interested in participating? Read on, then fill out the form below by tomorrow Jan 18th. We’d love if you would share this opportunity with your friends! Questions? Please submit via comments. Continue Readering »

Official Call for Entries for the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap: “Favorite Things”

It’s here! Time to roll our our first ever Rhodia Journal Swap: “Favorite Things.” Interested in participating? Read on, then please fill out the form below by Jan 18th. We’d love if you would share this opportunity with your friends! Questions? Please submit via comments.  Continue Readering »

Gearing up to start the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap!

It’s happening!!!

I am putting together the final details surrounding the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap and expect to start searching for our 12 participants sometime next week. If you haven’t heard about the swap, we are going to be providing 12 large dotWebbie journals to a dozen creative people to utilize for a few weeks at a time, who will then mail the book on to the next person, and so on, until it reaches the last person who in turn, mails it back to the person who started that book.

The dozen participants will be sharing their creativity via a group Tumblr Blog for us all to see.

You do not have to be an “artist” or a “writer” to participate, You should however, be creative and willing to share. This swap will be open to US residents age 18 or older. An international swap may happen at a later date.

More details, including the *Theme* of the swap, to be announced soon!

Interested in a 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap?

I am currently participating in two different sketchbook exchange projects and it got me to thinking about starting a similar “journal swap” project. 12 people, each provided a large dotWebbie, would fill a specified amount of pages in the journal then mail it to the next person on the list. A theme would be chosen for the project and the participants could fill their pages however they choose – random thoughts, poems, art, collage… Along the way, the participants will scan/snap/upload project photos to a group Tumblr blog for all to see. After each book has cycled through the hands of all the participants, the book you started is returned to you – now filled with all kind of interesting stuff!

Is this something you might be interested in participating in?

I will post the specifics for participation after the new year.

Link Share Friday

Ideas for Creative Writing Projects and Practices at Writing Forward

“Woodlands” Journal at Ingrid Dijkers

Overdue Webbie Review at Rori Rants

Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6 at Whatever

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Hard Tip Review at The Pen Addict (One of my fav’s for drawing!)

November Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper at Journaling Arts

hoodoo_operator shows off some Rhodia at EDC

De-ice with Rubbing Alcohol at Cool Tools

A clean desk encourages letter writing at The Missive Maven

Spirals get Bound at Quo Vadis Blog

Does Grammar and Punctuation Matter in Journals? at Journal Addict

Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Black Orange at Monochrome

1946 Silver Pearl Vacumatic Major at Fountain Pen Restoration

21 Secrets 2012 by Dion Dior

Vintage Vintage Leather Black Writing Case, Stationery and Correspondence Holder pictured above available in Inklinks Etsy Shop.

Exacompta No. 1 {Another Flip-Thru} from Tammy on Vimeo.

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