More Rhodia Yellow?

Yellow Rhodia

We have started to receive requests for the yellow Rhodia paper to be available in additional options. Is there a particular format or ruling that you’d like to see filled with the yellow paper? dotYellow? Or yellow paper in the Meeting Book?

We are always very appreciative of your feedback regarding the design of our products.

Which do you prefer: Violet Blue or Grey Ruling? Please vote.

Rhodia Ruling

One thing I noticed instantly about the new Rhodia Ice Anniversary tablets is that the ruling isn’t violet blue. It’s gray.

Several years ago, Rhodia ruling was light violet blue. In an effort for the printing inks to become more environmentally friendly, the formulas were altered. These changes resulted in the ink becoming a slightly darker blue and we’ve heard from several of you that you don’t much care for the darker ink, specifically in our graph ruled products.

I started noticing the gray ink in the dotPads. The original black covered dotPads had violet dots & the later orange covered dotPads have gray dots. We are now seeing the gray ink again in the Ice products. Is this indicative of a permanent switch? We don’t yet know. The Exaclair folks are in communication with France about this and as soon as we know, you’ll know.

Something I noticed about the blue versus grey inks is that the paper with the blue ink takes on a pinkish hue (which makes the white seem whiter) while the paper with the gray ruling seems slightly less white.


In the meantime, we’d LOVE to know which you prefer so we can tell France about which our customers prefer. The newer (darker) blue? or gray?

Clairefontaine dot? Quo Vadis dot?

Clairefontaine grafit dot

Other than the up and coming Clairefontaine dotGrid Graf-It pads, dot ruling is exclusive to Rhodia.

If you prefer Clairefontaine, Quo Vadis or Exacompta papers, would you like them even more if they were available with dot ruling? If yes, please tell us which specific product- including anything in the Rhodia line that isn’t yet available in the dot format.

The Silence of Smooth


As a writer slash artist, I have a lot of different kinds of paper on hand for writing, drawing, sketching, painting, etc. The major differences (IMHO) between these papers is the surface. (Weight also plays a big factor) Drawing and sketching papers typically have some degree of “tooth” which helps to enhance the appearance of dry media like pencils, charcoal, or pastel.

When working on paper that isn’t smooth, there is an audible sound as the writing/drawing implement is moved across the paper. I don’t mind this when I’m making art but sometimes find it distracting when I’m writing – especially when using an extra fine nibbed pen on a toothy paper.

Have you taken notice of the sound your pen/pencil makes on paper? Do you choose specific pen/pencil and paper combinations to enhance or avoid the sound?

Image courtesy of _leisurely_ on Instagram


What would be your ultimate Rhodia product?

Imagine if you will for just a moment, a Rhodia Reverse filled with dot grid paper. Leather bound Rhodia Webbies. A 250pg spiral Rhodia notebook. Isometric graph paper. 6-packs of Rhodia pencils…

Knowing how much you love your Rhodia, I know that there is probably a product configuration that you would like to see that doesn’t currently exist. So what is it? Please share! From our recent question on our dotGrid format, I know you’d like to see some spiral bound dot products- me too.

Maybe YOU can inspire a whole new Rhodia product!

We love hearing from you!

We love hearing your feedback as it allows us to tweak our products and expand our offerings to you. It is because of your comments and feedback that we have specifically improved upon the quality and expanded the variety of options on the Webnotebook. Your enthusiasm for our dot grid format has allowed us to offer the dotPad in additional sizes and we’ve even added an additional cover option in Rhodia’s signature orange. Continue Readering »

Your Preference for Paper Color

I’ve always been more of a fan of writing on off-white paper than white. I think the off-white is easier on the eyes for long writing sessions, but I do like the intensity of  a white page for brainstorming, mind-maps, and event planning. Fans of fountain pens love to use the plethora of available ink colors and while I know that white paper will really show them in their glory, I don’t mind the nice warm hue that the off-white paper adds to my favorite ink colors.

Which color paper do you prefer and why?

Webbie Lite?

We recently received this request from a fan and are wondering what you think – would you have a use for a Webbie Lite?

“I love my dot Webbie and would love it even more if a slightly different version were available. I am thinking about one with a thinner cover (like the premium pads) and slightly fewer pages (~72 vs. the current 96) but still with the elastic closure and expandable pocket and still with the gorgeous ivory 90g paper.

From Mike in AZ

Moving from one to the next

“When I put stuff in my bag earlier in the day I was thinking oh…sad but true, it is time to retire this LeCarre and start a new one…just when it was getting good and broken in and filled with everything from my time in Mexico this summer to the beginning of a new school year and all the meetings in between.”

Kim from the blog Consider the Lilies sent me this and it got me to thinking about my own transitions from one notebook or journal to the next. When I start to get close to the end of a book, I start to get anxious – I want to finish it and move into the next one which will most certainly contain experiences even more interesting that the one I am currently working on – though this one included Hurricane Irene, the East Coast Earthquake, camping through a thunder & lightning storm, my return to the Rhythm Revival, applying (and receiving!) a local artist residency… with all of these things happening in the latter part of this year, I can’t imagine what I will experience next!

How do you feel about transitioning from one book to the next? Is there anything special that you do to “out with the old and in with the new?”

Customer Feedback: Melinda’s dotWebbie

Much thanks to Melinda for taking the time to send us these kind words after winning one of the dotWebbies in a recent contest.

I am one of the lucky ones that “won” a dotWebbie on the Rhodia Drive giveaway. That was so fun to see my name as a winner; the only thing better is now I have it on my desk! Had I not won, I intended to purchase one. Now that I have seen it “live”, I know I’ll be buying more in the future. It’s perfect for me!

I started my obsession with paper products many years ago and collect it from all around the world. One of my first international buys was a Clairefontaine notebook in Paris. I continue to buy them there whenever I have the opportunity to visit that wonderful city.

Rhodia products rank up in the top 1% of my favorites, as well. I purchase them at our local art supply store, University Arts in Sacramento. They do not have a great selection so whenever I have the chance, I also purchase them at various stores in San Francisco and Berkeley. Can’t get enough!

Again, thank you so much for the gift!

A paper lover and then some!

Question: Why do the lines on my Rhodia pad appear darker than in the past?

Every now and again we receive a letter asking whether or not the signature Rhodia violet lines have become darker. Rob Morrison sent us the photo above and said that the seemingly darker lines “really disguise the writing.”

The lines on the new pads do appear darker because Rhodia is now using a 100% natural ink as opposed to a chemical one.

In terms of color, the dye sources are providing recipes to match as close to possible to the standard violet Rhodia was using until 2010. While the ink formula remains the same in terms of  intensity, the new inks are no longer sensitive to UV rays. What previously appeared to be lines of a lighter color were actually the chemical inks becoming fainter once exposed to light. While both old and new pads had the same ink intensity coming out of the factory, the old ones became lighter within a relatively short time. The new ones will not.

In both intensity and hue, natural inks tend to show more variation from one production batch to another. They are more sensible to machine speed, direction of the paper fiber etc.- each batch requiring a fine tuning to meet quality standards.

We hope that you will understand our choice for natural inks to be an integral part of our commitment to protect the environment, from sustainable fibers to water and air treatments.

That being said, we are actively working within those ecological parameters to answer your request for lighter rule in our Rhodia pads.

Stay tuned for updates!

What Happened to Summer?

I know it’s mid September, but it was down to something like 45 degrees last night – I had to close all my windows and turn the fans off. (Though I didn’t turn on the heat.) I’m not exactly sure where the summer went, but maybe here in the northeast we’ve distracted by earthquakes and torrential rain to notice. I know than many people are big fans of fall colors but this season always makes me a little sad as things start to wither and die as they give way to the cold.

I’ve always pondered living in another part of the country where it doesn’t snow and stays somewhat warm all year and to a degree, it’s somewhat beyond my comprehension. I once visited southern California in the early winter, scraping ice off my windshield in the morning on my way to the airport, then walking out of LAX to a sunny 86 degrees… it’s surreal and I’m not sure how the body calculates the passing of time when the changing seasons don’t make such a dramatic statement like they do in my part of the world.

Do you live somewhere where it’s warm all year? Or have an extended winter?

Looking for 8.5 x 11″ Rhodia products?

Are you looking for Rhodia products in the standard American 8.5 x 11″ letter format? In this size pad, Rhodia utilizes the international A4 sizing which is slightly different in both length and width. Is the A4 sizing suitable for your needs? Why does one work better than the other for you? Would you prefer the North American sizing if available?

Inspiration from You

Once in a while I hear of someone getting stuck- not knowing what to do with those pristine blank pages in a new journal. Last week when I asked people what they would do with a new Webbie if they were a lucky winner in our recent contest, they responded with some truly wonderful ideas. If you didn’t get the chance to read through the comments from that post, I’ve assembled them all here for you – maybe you might want to even print it out and slip it into the back pocket of your notebook for inspiration? Much thanks for everyone who responded.

B Irwin: I was thinking of starting a new manuscript, but practicing calligraphy by writing out verses from my faith is tempting, too.

JustJay74: I will use it at work to jot down all my notes and ideas.

Sam C.: I hope to use it for my architecture drawing class in the coming school year Continue Readering »

What can we do for you?

Here on Rhodia Drive we strive to bring to you a variety of interesting content dedicated to you, dear Rhodia fan. We utilize this space to introduce you to our products and listen closely to your feedback. We’ve even occasionally tweaked a product to better suit your needs. We request and happily share your content- comprised of customer images, (seen our Photo Pages yet?) videos, guest posts, and product reviews. We offer the occasional freebie via our giveaway contests- sometimes allowing you to tell us which products to give away. We keep you informed of where else on the web you can be social with Rhodia- via Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, (You can follow Exaclair or Stephanie) and how to find a local or online retailer via In my own personal opinion, the best part of the blog is how the most wonderful Exaclair VP of Marketing Karen Doherty allows me to be me and speak to you all in my own voice. Judging from the e-mails and notes you send me, you seem to enjoy my being your Rhodia Driver. (Thank you!!)

That all being said, will you tell us what kind of posts would you like to see more of? Do you like what you’ve been seeing, or would you like there to be more of any particular kind of content, like Flickr Fridays, Blog Shares, creative prompts or Artist Inspiration type posts? Maybe something we haven’t thought of doing yet? Is there anything you don’t much care for? If you’ve got any comments or criticism, we’d love to hear it.

Image above courtesy of Glenn Marcus from Glenn’s Pans.

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