Who would like to see fountain pen friendly Rhodia Engineering paper?

Engineer Paper

We received a recent letter from Michael Marchesan asking us to develop an fountain pen friendly engineer’s pad. When Karen Doherty asked why engineers couldn’t use the standard grid, Michael responded as follows:

I used to do all of my math/science on graph paper for years until I began engineering study and realized the beauty of engineering paper. 

Engineering paper has it’s grid on the backside, which you do not actually write on. The grid shows through to the front of the paper which is blank, so you can have the benefits of writing on gridded paper, without actually writing on a grid.

When you tear your sheet off the glued-top-bound pad, it appears as if though you wrote in perfectly straight lines and did all your calculations, figures and measurements with incredible precision on a blank sheet without the distraction of a grid on your work.

The other benefit to this is that the grid does not show up when your work is photocopied from engineering paper.

Each grid on engineering paper is 0.2″x0.2″, with bold grid-lines forming 1″x1″ squares every 5 grids–great for scaling and doing precise engineering calculations and figures.

So who else out there would like to see Rhodia produce a fountain pen friendly version of this specialized paper? Spread the word and tell people to comment on this post.

What format do you use for taking the minutes at a meeting?

Meeting Notes

I just left a meeting where I had volunteered to take notes. I probably captured more information than was really necessary, but who determines how much is enough? While I’m guessing more is probably better than less, a lengthy list of notes might be too much to review for those not in attendance.

Do you have a specific format that you follow for taking meeting minutes? No? Check out the links below for tips:

How to take meeting minutes

Taking meeting minutes

How to take notes in meetings

Writing Small


Do you think it’s the pen, the hand, or a combination of the two that results in the tiniest handwriting?

Is your handwriting this small, or smaller?

Image courtesy of thatsraddude on Instagram


Tropen Scholar Fountain Pen on dotPad


Tropen is (or maybe was?) a German pen company which started in the mid-20s  and was manufacturing a variety of pen types up and through the late 80s and maybe longer – but there doesn’t seem to be much information on the web about them.

Tropen Fountain Pen – discussion on the Fountain Pen Network 

History of Tropen Scholar?  – discussion on Penexchange.de 

Tropen Scholar on Writing Without Rhythm

Image courtesy of linckchau on Instagram

Rhodia Reporter Style Webnotepad – How are you using it?

Rhodia Webnotepad

Our reporter style Rhodia dotGrid Webnotepads can easily be used vertically or horizontally. Which way are you using yours?

  • Hard-back Italian leatherette covers in orange or black
  • Luxury 90g ivory vellum paper, super smooth, acid-free, pH neutral
  • Light grey dot grid with 5mm intervals
  • 96 micro perforated sheets
  • Matching elastic closure holds pad secure
  • Two sizes: pocket or palm A6 – 3 ½ ” x 5 ½ ” (9.0 x 14.0 cm) and A7 – 3 ” x 4 ¾ ” (7.5 x 12.0 cm)

Knit One, Purl Rhodia

We love seeing how people use our products and I found it pretty interesting that a dotWebbie was helping to maintain the structure of a new knitting pattern. (With Bleu Pervenche ink?)

Though I’ve always wanted to learn to knit, I’m not the type that can tolerate the discipline needed to follow a pattern. My sweaters would come out with three arms, socks with extra toes… you know where I’m coming from? Until that time, I’m happy to buy pretty knitted hats and scarves from local fiber artists.

Do you knit?

Image courtesy of Shangching CH – follow bakanekosan on Instagram.

Graph Continues to “Rule” Rhodia in 2012

8 out of the 10 Best Selling Rhodia products in 2012 were graph ruled, including the #1 Best Seller, the  6×8 1/4″ top staple bound (#16) notepad. So what else made the list? See below. 

1. Rhodia Classic Notepad Top Staple bound Graph 6 x 8 ¼ – Orange (#16)
2. Rhodia Classic Notepads Top Staple bound Graph 3 3/8 x 4 ¾ – Orange (#12)
3. Rhodia Classic Notepads Top Staple bound Graph 3 x 4 – Orange (#11)
4. Rhodia Classic Meeting Book Lined 6 ½ x 8 ¼ – Black
5. Rhodia Classic Notepads Top Staple bound Dot Grid 6 x 8 ¼ – Black (#16)
6. Rhodia Classic Notepads Top Staple bound Graph 3 x 8 ¼ – Orange (#8)
7. Rhodia Classic Notebooks Side Staple bound Graph 3 x 4 ¾ – Black
8. Rhodia Boutique Mouse Pad 7 ½ x 9 Graph – Orange
9. Rhodia Classic Notepads Top Staple bound Graph 4 3/8 x 6 3/8 – Orange (#13)
10. Rhodia Classic Notebooks Side Staple bound 3 x 4 ¾ Graph – Orange

Are your favorites on this list? (I am very happy to see a dotPad at #5, though I think I’m in the minority of people who prefer the blank pads.)

Custom Rhodia iPad cover

Image courtesy of Jonathan Gilmour, whose girlfriend made this totally sweet Rhodia inspired iPad case. Check out the grid patterned fabric on the back!

We most certainly appreciate the folks who love our products so much that they create tribute items such as this – great big thanks to you!

You can follow Jonathan as jonogilmour and his girlfriend bunniesinblazers on Instagram.

Sketches and Doodles in a dotPad

Working out some rough ideas for custom vector symbols, Petr uses the Rhodia dotPad as a daily tool.

We’ve seen many people using the dotPad for sketching and doodling – practicing calligraphy and such. I myself have been known to use the dotPad or the occasional mandala doodle.

What do think it is about the dot grid that makes it so popular for drawing and doodling?

Image courtesy of Petr Vlk follow Petr as imagiag on Instagram.

Vanishing Point

Aha! A Rhodia colored fountain pen!

One of the very first fountain pens I tried (After my beloved red Lamy Safari) was a Pilot Vanishing Point. It’s an interesting pen in that it’s capless- the nib is retractable at the push of a button. While I didn’t keep this pen very long, (too large for my hands/not crazy about the orientation of the clip.) I know there are many devoted fans of this particular pen.

“The Namiki Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen was launched in Japan during the early 1960s by the Pilot Corporation.  Originally called “Capless,” it had one of the most complex inner mechanisms ever made… “ you can further explore the history of the Vanishing Point at Carmen Rivera Pens.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Gilmour. Follow him as jonogilmour on Instagram.

Mandala Doodling on a Rhodia dotPad

These days I work in lots of different kinds of art media but I still consider myself a doodler.

It was about 5 1/2 years ago that I first started doodling mandalas- a circular art form typically represented by concentric circular patterns radiating from the center outward. For the first 4 years I drew them almost constantly in sketchbooks, tablets, notebooks, etc., typically with a fountain pen or marker. Sometimes I’d draw up to ten in a single day just by sitting and doodling one after another… this became my meditation.

Do you doodle? Do you do it just to kill time/keep your hands occupied or do actually you make the time to do it?

dotPad Contest Winners!

Much thanks to all who entered our recent contest! The 20 winners are listed below. Be sure to stay tuned for our next Rhodia giveaway!

Dragan Todorovski
Erin from Dallas
Rita K.
Cynthia from Sydney
David Neves
Abe Lugioyo
Gino from MA
marianne richmond
Jonathan from Monroe
D. Harris
Mike Clemens
Alejandro C
Bart N
Curtis B
Eric C. from IL

What would be your ultimate Rhodia product?

Imagine if you will for just a moment, a Rhodia Reverse filled with dot grid paper. Leather bound Rhodia Webbies. A 250pg spiral Rhodia notebook. Isometric graph paper. 6-packs of Rhodia pencils…

Knowing how much you love your Rhodia, I know that there is probably a product configuration that you would like to see that doesn’t currently exist. So what is it? Please share! From our recent question on our dotGrid format, I know you’d like to see some spiral bound dot products- me too.

Maybe YOU can inspire a whole new Rhodia product!

Orange dotPad Giveaway! Enter now to win 1 of 20

This contest is now closed – thank you for your entries!

Our dotGrid is good for…

The other day when I asked what you thought about our dotPads and dotWebbies, we heard you loud and clear that you loved using them! Many of you shared with us your reasons for liking this format by way of how you use it. One suggestion was to use the dots as a guide for pasting things onto the pages. As in Halstead’s image above, “no more crooked tape!”

I keep a special blank book (glue book?) for pasting images which I use for art inspiration – colors, textures and the like. I’m not too particular with how I paste them in, but I can imagine that it would look even better and become more of a work of art in itself if I were using dot paper.

Do you tape/paste things into your journals?

This video shows an inspiration book similar to what I make:

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