Retro Exacompta FAF Pad: You know you want one…

FAF Pad Exacompta

The FAF pad is a practical and highly functional desk pad with a unique vintage look. The perfect fit for your desk, home office and all of your writing needs. Makes a great gift.

• Elegant black box with clear top
• Sturdy metal construction with non-slip backing
• Bright white 60 g paper
• Comes with 200 microperforated pages for easy removal
• Refillable with 200 blank pages

The FAF (Fabriqué en France) pad is made in Paris in a workshop built by Gustave Eiffel (of eponymous Tower fame)

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The Difference Between Yellow & White Rhodia Paper: Would You Like to Test it?

Rhodia Yellow

A short while back we received a comment about the texture of the yellow paper in our No. 19 Staplebound Pads. When the person had mentioned that the yellow paper had more “tooth” than its white counterpart, Karen sent me one of each to test and I would tend to agree. While both papers are manufactured by Clairefontaine and are each 80g in weight, the 80g white performs as expected but the yellow does indeed feel “toothier” and is especially nice when used with a pencil.

So here’s the deal: We’ve got 5 pairs of these tablets to give away. If you are located in the USA and are willing to provide us with timely feedback on the yellow versus white paper with whatever media you prefer, (pencil, fountain pen, gel pen, etc.) please enter your info on the form below and click submit. (The form may not be visible when viewed on a mobile device or if you are subscribed to our blog via e-mail. Please visit to view the form)

This particular offer is open to USA participants and will remain open until midnight EST on Friday February 21st. Participants will be selected at our discretion and notified by e-mail the week of February 24th with additional details on where to submit the product feedback. Testers are also welcome to write their own blog reviews about these products.

Rhodia Reporter Style Webnotepad – How are you using it?

Rhodia Webnotepad

Our reporter style Rhodia dotGrid Webnotepads can easily be used vertically or horizontally. Which way are you using yours?

  • Hard-back Italian leatherette covers in orange or black
  • Luxury 90g ivory vellum paper, super smooth, acid-free, pH neutral
  • Light grey dot grid with 5mm intervals
  • 96 micro perforated sheets
  • Matching elastic closure holds pad secure
  • Two sizes: pocket or palm A6 – 3 ½ ” x 5 ½ ” (9.0 x 14.0 cm) and A7 – 3 ” x 4 ¾ ” (7.5 x 12.0 cm)

A Preference for Perforated Pages

rhodia notebooks

Many Rhodia products such as our top/head stapled pads, Meeting Books, and Unlimited pocket notebooks contain micro-perforated pages but our side stapled notebooks do not.

Would you like our side stapled books more or less if the pages were removable? We recently received an e-mail from someone looking for this particular combination.

I prefer the micro-perforated pages in a “notepad” (for easy removal) rather than in a notebook or sketchbook where my personal goal is more about keeping pages in the book than tearing them out.

Not too long ago, I bought a bunch of spiral bound sketchbooks filled with heavier paper for mixed-media applications. They were a recognizable brand name on clearance at my local Blick so I didn’t hesitate buying all that that they had left even though I hadn’t previously used the product. Unfortunately, it seems almost impossible to turn a page without it starting separate at the perforations. Boo. (I’m guessing it has something to do with the heavier weight of the paper.) 

Overall, do you prefer pages in any of your tablets/books to be easily removable via micro-perforations?

Have you tried a Rhodia Pad Holder Yet?


Did you know that Rhodia makes pad holders for a variety of our top stapled notepads? Available in orange and black lightly grained imitation leather with an embossed Rhodia logo, the covers are flexible and smooth. They include an inner pocket for notes, business cards, or receipts. Each holder comes with a pad. Rhodia pad holders are available in the following sizes:

  • N° 08 – 3 x 8 ¼” (Long Skinny)
  • N° 11 – 3 x 4″
  • N° 12 – 3 ⅜ x 4 ¾”
  • N° 13 – 4 x 6″
  • N° 14 – 4 ⅜ x 6 ⅜”
  • N° 16 (w/ Pen holder) 6 x 8 ¼”
  • N° 18 – 8 ¼ x 11 ¾”
  • N° 21 (Le Carre) – 8 ¼ x 8 ¼”


Rhodia also offers a special “R” Premium Pad Gift Set which includes a No. 16 (6 x 8 ¼”) R pad and a Rhodia pencil.

Designing a workspace on a dotPad


 “Thinking about a workplace transformation” Image courtesy of ac3y on Instagram.

I have a large #38 dotPad that I think I will use to design my new garden beds. Have you used a #38’s or any of our dotPads to lay out a new workspace? Any tips to offer?

Rhodia Stack

Does this look like you? If so, I want you to know that you are not alone. From the mundane to the incredibly important, I know lots and lots of people that save their notebooks. Why do people hold on to them? I’m guessing each person would probably have a different reason but more often than not, I think it’s probably to look back down the mountain to see how far they’ve come.

Why do you keep your old notebooks?

Image courtesy of Alex Aciman – follow acimania on Instagram and @acimania on Twitter.

Tear or Flip?

On our top stapled pads, do you flip the page over or tear it out? I myself don’t like seeing the pages bent so I have to tear out a page before moving on to the next. This works well with “to-do” lists when you are likely to be copying a few items over from the previous list.

Also, do you write on the back of the paper? This seems most convenient once the sheet has been removed from the pad.

New Product Giveaway! Enter Now to win 1 of 20 Reporter Style Webbie Pads!

Oh yeah! More new Rhodia stuff to give away today!  Continue Readering »

Time for More!

Can you imagine what a sad day it would be to wake up to a pile of empty tablets with something in your head just bursting to be written down? Nope. Me either. Why? Because I’m a paper addict and I could never bear the thought of running out. But if by some freak accident I did run out, I wouldn’t put it past me to start writing on napkins, brown paper bags, junk mail… You get the picture.

The next time you place your stationery order, don’t be afraid to get a few extra tablets- I assure you they will be put to good use.

Image courtesy of ujtokyo on Instagram.


For each of the last seven years, I’ve been attending a summer retreat in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. At the last four of those seven, I have been teaching my workshop “Mandala: An Artful Meditation” as a part of the programming which also includes African dance, several forms of hand drumming, transformative writing, and more. Continue Readering »

Marker Doodles.

Despite there being a plethora of marker brands out there, at some point the idea of a permanent marker became synonymous with Sharpie. I guess they managed to corner the marker market. (heh)

I mean, doesn’t everyone have at least 1 Sharpie in their house? For as long as I can remember, I’ve used these permanent markers pretty much exclusively for addressing packages. I do somewhat remember that one other brand that had the amazingly strong smell – and they’d squeak when you write on poster board with their chiseled nibs.

I mostly just use the black ones in a few varying sizes, but I do have a few other colors, including silver. I’ve tried their paint pens and “Bleedproof” pens but they didn’t really suit my needs.

Are you a Sharpie fan? Do you use them mostly around the house like me, or do you use them for art? for work? Bleedproof pens in your Webbie?

If you’ve never visited, Sharpie has a pretty cool blog.

Image courtesy of lizziewirgau via Instagram

Sketches and Doodles in a dotPad

Working out some rough ideas for custom vector symbols, Petr uses the Rhodia dotPad as a daily tool.

We’ve seen many people using the dotPad for sketching and doodling – practicing calligraphy and such. I myself have been known to use the dotPad or the occasional mandala doodle.

What do think it is about the dot grid that makes it so popular for drawing and doodling?

Image courtesy of Petr Vlk follow Petr as imagiag on Instagram.

Rhodia Pad Holders

Have you tried using any of our pad holders and if so, do you like them? Do you find them to be practical for your needs? Do they hold up to the daily punishment of bouncing around in your bag?


Rhodia in your bag? Show us!

Ever since I discovered the Flickr photo group “What’s in your bag?” I’ve loved seeing what kinds of stuff people carry around with them. I do believe it’s how I came to buy a Lamy Safari as my 1st fountain pen – everyone seemed to own one so I had to get one too. This image was submitted by Ann Elkington for our photo page: “In Your Bag” where Rhodia fans can show off their goods. (Psst…. send me yours!)

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Season 5 (Bravo Network) Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg, originally from Taos, New Mexico, was always good at math. After graduating 3rd in his class at Taos High School, he moved to Boulder, CO to study at the University of Colorado. His dream... Read on »

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