Link Share Friday: March Edition


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iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2014 at iHanna

Start Shipping! Enjoy Free Shipping on Orders $45+ at European Paper

Image courtesy of marcieello on Instagram


Rhodia Journal Swap

Journal Swap Art

In 2012 we created the first ever Rhodia Journal Swap. The idea was simple – 12 people in the US sending Rhodia Webnotebooks from one person to the next, each adding content as they go and sharing some of their completed pages on a group Tumblr blog.

Despite everyone’s best intentions to participate in a fun and ongoing project, life occasionally took precedence over participation. The initial momentum began to waver several months into this year long project and would eventually slow to a crawl as people were receiving books faster then they could create content – ultimately keeping the swap from progressing as scheduled and leaving some people without books to create in for months on end.

Some of the positive feedback we heard from participants? 

  • What I liked: the writings, artwork, etc. from the contributors were amazing. …  I loved sharing stories with them, discovering their blogs  etc.
  • I loved the writings and art in my book. The swappers chosen were all talented and interesting individuals.
  • I’ve met (virtually) several new people… at least three I now communicate with regularly. New friends are always nice!
  • I loved the creative outlet it provided and the inspiration that came from seeing other people’s contributions.
  • The best part of the swap was seeing the work on the tumblr blog,

Areas of opportunity for future swaps? 

  • Clearer instructions on how to contribute to the Tumblr blog
  • A shared spreadsheet for tracking the books.
  • A Facebook group for communicating between participants. 
  • Less pages to work on at a time. 

Stephanie’s ideas for a future swap: 

  • Having several “micro groups” swapping concurrently. Perhaps 4-5 groups of 3 people each, with the potential of adding at least one international group.
  • Using a different Exaclair product with less pages – 6×8″ Clairefontaine Crok books are one option. (Blank pages which can hold up to a variety of art mediums)
  • Clearer instructions for posting content to Tumblr
  • Implementing a Facebook group for participants to communicate.

Do you have any additional suggestions which might improve this concept? We’d love to hear from you. 

Image above from swap participant Lou (Trillium) McCallister.



Busy this weekend? March 16-17th Long Island Pen Show at Hofstra University


Saturday & Sunday, 16-17 March 2013 Visit the 2013 Long Island Pen Show
Located at Hofstra University – Student Center Multi-purpose Room, Rm. 101

Sponsored by the Long Island Pen Club, Luxury Brands, and Exaclair Inc.


  • Repairs by Ron Zorn and nib work by Richard Binder.
  • Ink sampling table from Luxury Brands, distributors of Noodler’s Ink
  • Sample the smooth pleasure of writing on Rhodia paper and J. Herbin ink provided by Exaclair Inc.
  • New This Year: Fountain Pen Hospital, Anderson Pens and Kenro Industries
  • Dozens of collectors and dealers of vintage and modern writing instruments exhibiting, pens of all kinds
  • Desk sets, ads, blotters, inwells and ephemera form the golden age of fountain pens
  • Displays illustrating the history of writing and the story of the fountain pen.
  • Demonstratons on how to use and maintain fountain pens.
  • Functional writing instruments vintage & modern by Susan Wirth
  • Free pen ppraisals at the Appraisal Booth

Daily Admission is $10.00 payable at the door. Visit for more details.

Final Friday Link Share of 2012

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Ѧяt ʝ◎üґη@ℓḯᾔḡ ⑴ø𝟙 at Daisy Yellow

Image courtesy of properadhd on Instagram

Friday Link Share

A Plethora of Writing Prompts for Creative Writing and Journaling at Daring to Live Fully

Pencil Review: Dixon Tri-conderoga at A Penchant for Paper

New Rhodiarama Webbies at PENS PAPER INKS…WHATEVER!

Wed. Review- Monteverde Artista Crystal at Ink Nouveau

Rainbow Realities: 18 Everyday Objects Organized by Color at WebUrbanist

10 Tricks to Get the Creative Juices Flowing at

Le rouge et le bleu: a special Herbin giveaway at Quo Vadis Blog

One More Month Done… at Water Blossoms

Most Popular Budget Pen: Pilot Pens at Lifehacker

Image courtesy of jadedlotus on Instagram


Petunia and new ideas for another Rhodia Swap

This would be Petunia, as drawn by Trillium – one of the members of our Rhodia Journal Swap. The swap consists of 12 members all over the US creating content in a Rhodia Webnotebook and then mailing the books once a month to the next person in the swap.

The members are posting images of their progress on a group Tumblr blog which can be viewed here.

We are considering implementing a second swap this fall and are looking for ideas for a new exchange. One I have been kicking around would have several groups of two creating content in one half of  a 48 page 6×8″ side stapled cahier style book.

Any other suggestions? Would you be interested in participating in such a swap?

Fear of the Blank Page?

Reading back through the posts on our Rhodia Journal Swap Tumblr blog I came across an entry from early in the swap by Pam Hero: Continue Readering »

Follow our Rhodia Journal Swap on Tumblr

We’ve got 12 people from all over the US writing, drawing, and creating collages dedicated to their “Favorite Things” in our first ever Rhodia Journal Swap. The dozen members of this project are all working in large Rhodia dotWebbies and are documenting their creations on the group Tumblr blog that we set up for the swappers. Each person is working on several pages in each book before sending it on to the next person. Continue Readering »

The First Ever Rhodia Journal Swap is underway!

“What a friend you are to me,
When the “chips” are down, you are there for me.”

So starts Trillium’s poetic musings in “Ode to a Redfish” – one of his first contributions to his shiny new dotWebbie.

The group should all have received their journals by now and are starting to dig in. You can see how and what they are doing via the group Tumblr blog we’ve set up: Rhodia Journal Swap.

Have you written in your journal today?

A Big Welcome to our 1st Ever Official Journal Swap Participants!

While I’m still fiddling a bit with the theme and layout of the new Rhodia Journal Swap Tumblr blog – I’d like to introduce you to the 12 participants from out 1st ever Rhodia Journal Swap. (Click their links to visit their blogs/websites.) If you signed up but weren’t selected – hang tight! We are considering the addition of a second swap 6 months or so into the 1st swap.

Sandra Strait
Tammy Garcia
Pamela Fishkin Hero
Joy Rothke
Shane Couch
Kate Marshall
Seth @ Good Pens
Gretchen Boothe Hamilton
Kristina Day Osgood
Julie (O-kami)

Journal Swap Soon to be Underway!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for our 1st ever Rhodia Journal Swap! We had quite a few entries and it wasn’t easy to chose 12, but we did. Once I confirm their participation, the swap will commence!

You might like to know that since we had so many people sign up for this first swap, we are considering implementing a second one in 6 months – stay tuned!

Official Call for Entries for the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap: “Favorite Things”

It’s here! Time to roll our our first ever Rhodia Journal Swap: “Favorite Things.” Interested in participating? Read on, then please fill out the form below by Jan 18th. We’d love if you would share this opportunity with your friends! Questions? Please submit via comments.  Continue Readering »

Gearing up to start the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap!

It’s happening!!!

I am putting together the final details surrounding the 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap and expect to start searching for our 12 participants sometime next week. If you haven’t heard about the swap, we are going to be providing 12 large dotWebbie journals to a dozen creative people to utilize for a few weeks at a time, who will then mail the book on to the next person, and so on, until it reaches the last person who in turn, mails it back to the person who started that book.

The dozen participants will be sharing their creativity via a group Tumblr Blog for us all to see.

You do not have to be an “artist” or a “writer” to participate, You should however, be creative and willing to share. This swap will be open to US residents age 18 or older. An international swap may happen at a later date.

More details, including the *Theme* of the swap, to be announced soon!

Friday Link Share

Notebook Papers at Pens and Paper

Going the long way, via technology at Make Every Day a Good Mail Day

Help us Design a Planner for you! at Quo Vadis Blog

Better Googling at Read, Write, Think, Edit

Uni-ball Woodnote .38 mm Orange Review at The Pen Addict

Indiana Diarists at Notebook Stories

Rhodia on the Road at Ontheroad

Fiction Writing Exercises for Exploring and Developing Theme at Writing Forward

Wish List at Dave’s Mechanical Pencils

‘Tis the Season to Simplify at Inkophile

Artistic Dollar Redesign is Beautiful, Simple & Practical at Web Urbanist

Staples 16-Sheet High Speed Cross-Cut Shredder – Giveaway Week Item #4 at OfficeSupplyGeek

December Carnival of Pen, Paper and Pencil at Pocket Blonde

Interested in a 2012 Rhodia Journal Swap?

I am currently participating in two different sketchbook exchange projects and it got me to thinking about starting a similar “journal swap” project. 12 people, each provided a large dotWebbie, would fill a specified amount of pages in the journal then mail it to the next person on the list. A theme would be chosen for the project and the participants could fill their pages however they choose – random thoughts, poems, art, collage… Along the way, the participants will scan/snap/upload project photos to a group Tumblr blog for all to see. After each book has cycled through the hands of all the participants, the book you started is returned to you – now filled with all kind of interesting stuff!

Is this something you might be interested in participating in?

I will post the specifics for participation after the new year.

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